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“Distil Ennui”

To extract the essence and beauty of life to appease world weariness.

Inspirational Music to Heal the Soul and Heart

Music plays an important role in my recovery.  I use music to quiet my spirits and heal my heart when they both have been impacted by what I consider to be social injustice.  When your work involves people who in many cases are inadequately or inappropriately served by the system of care, music can help you to “keep on keeping on” I invite you all to share music that brings you peace in the middle of the many storms of life.  I have selected freedom and gospel songs because the mental health consumer and family rights struggle is about freedom, full inclusion, dignity and respect.  Gospel music because it reminds me that people might misjudge my actions but God see’s my heart!   Gospel music also reminds that I am but a foot soldier and the “Battle is not mine but his”.

 Again please use this blog to post the music that feeds your heart and fuels your soul!

Sweet Honey in the Rock:  “Ella’s Song”–gFrc&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Walter Hawkins:  “Marvelous”

Sweet Honey in the Rock:  “Ballad of Harry Moore”

 Whitney Houston:  “Hold on Help is on the Way”


Brenda J Crawford

The Law and Landmark Cases

“Our ideas about institutionalizing the aged, psychotic, retarded, and infirm are based on a pattern of thought that we might call the Toilet Assumption – the notion that unwanted matter, unwanted difficulties, unwanted complexities and obstacles will disappear if they are removed from our immediate field of vision . . . We throw the aged and psychotic into institutional holes where they cannot be seen.  Our approach to social problems is to decrease their visibility:  out of sight, out of mind . . . The result of our social efforts has been to remove the underlying problems of our society farther and farther from daily experience and daily consciousness, and hence to decrease, in the mass of the population, the knowledge, skill, resources, and motivation necessary to deal with them.”  –Philip Slater

This powerful quotation was the forward by Janet Marshall Wilson, Director Patients’ Rights, MHCC.

Voices of Family Members

Family members are encouraged to share their stories of the challenges they face seeking help and support.

Consumer Voices

Consumers set forth thoughts, feelings, and opinions:

You are invited to share your opinions on process

Hello Everyone ,

I am overdone with process! Endless meeting  that consist of  circular conversations,  plan of actions , that leads to no action! Paid facilitators/consultants who come with “feel  good” exercises designed I assume to break down barriers, but only  add  to the   confusion.   I am starting to feel like the guy in the commercial for Hanes socks . The one where the wife comes in the house,  and the  husband is sticking the kids feet in a pan of  plaster of paris. The wife inquire “what are you doing” and the guys responds ” We can’t find socks that fit to our feet, and we are sick of it”  The kid  chimes in and says”sick of it”

 I am sick and tired  of engaging in processes that in my humble opinion do not  fit the diversity that exist in Contra Costa County. This blog was created for others who may or may not share my views. Please feel free to post as often as you would like.