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7 thoughts on “Consumer Voices

  1. Chelsey H. says:

    By Yvette:

    “There should be a policy in place that say’s, once you step in a board and care home a case manager should, with the owner of the board and care have regualr wellnes and recovery evaluation meetings. Be involved instead of just babysitting. They have no idea about my wellness recovery plan, and transitional goals for moving independently and not being stuck there recovered. The county wellness plan sheet is being misused because it has never been issued to board and care homes. It is used from case manager to consumer to let yourself know what responsibilites you need to take on. The owners of board and care homes should have to attend workshops, NAMI, and other meetings to support us individuals. Everyday its throwing into captivity, its wrong and I wont tolerate that kind of behavior and treatment, THERE IS NO MENTAL GROWTH! When someone has a bad day or does something minor they have to say ” Do you need to go to the hospital” when all we want is to be heard and let go.”

    • jane doe says:

      I left a board and care. Really it should be called board because no one cares. Mine was licensed and there was supposed to be some one watching to make sure we got good care. We were served meals that were not good, we had to leave every day to take care of ourselves, but the board owners would not drive us anywhere. Somedays I went to the library or walked in stores. I f we talked about a bad day they would say should I call 911. How can we get better if know one really cares. I live with someone now and things are a littel better but I know if could get to MHCC everyday my life would be great becasue they empower us to use our voice. IF anyone would ever listen I would shout that i deserve better. Instead i have been hospitalized 6 times. I want my wellness. If you ever can get heard i want to know how you did it.

  2. marvin says:


  3. dawn e says:

    hi everyone.this is dawn at the east county wellness and recovery center. I want to share a new group called anger managament. I am so excited that it is in Feburary’s calendar. My voice has been heard. I want to personally thank my center and trina. love you all dawn

  4. dawn e says:

    hi hello feeling very upset that my center coordinator was fired! Trina she loved each and everyone of us.I am shocked that this has happened! Trina has done so much for me personally and the center. For two years she had been there for me and now that she is gone , things are not the same!!!!!!She was and is a wonderful influence on me.Trina has done alot for this center was the voice when i had none.I am deeply saddened and feel a real loss.I will never forget her.Trina i love you.IN the afternoons she and i talked to each other she has always made me laugh.thank you trina the loss brings tears to my eyes but i hear your voice telling me to be strong. THANK YOU I MISS YOU I LOVE YOU it will never be the same without you. dawn e

  5. dawn e says:

    there is an emptiness in these halls.It smells of injustice.WHY did you get fired????angry and confused someone tell me more than what was said because i did not feel this was right.Can someone help me understand??? hurting in east county

    • mhcc1976 says:

      Hello Dawn,
      It is not the intention of MHCC’s Management Team to ever do anything that is not in the best interest of the folks who come to the East County Wellness Center. Sometimes decisions that are made in life we don’t understand but I would hope that every one will trust that these decisions are made with the intent “to do no harm” The staff of MHCC are dedicated and committed to ensuring that all of the members recieve the best quality mental health peer support recovery services available. Thank you for your bravery and courage and for stepping up and expressing your feelings. Take care.

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